Founded in 1991 with a small factory and 12 workers to supply pasteurized coconut milk to local ice cream makers, Thai Coco has been passionate about Coconut products ever since.

Situated amidst the fertile lands of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province, this region is an ideal locale for nurturing coconut plantations. Blessed with nutrient-rich soil and an abundant year-round water source, it fosters optimal conditions for the cultivation and growth of coconut crops.

From its humble beginnings, it was soon realized we needed to expand. In 2008 Thai Coconut expanded their warehouse and production capabilities with a state of the art 16-hectare facility based in Ratchaburi, another region just north of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Following this expansion in 2013, Thai Coconut was ready to go global and introduced its delicious products to international markets.

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Thai Coconut Public Company Limited commenced its business operations with a steadfast belief: "If there is no Thai Coconut, there would be no highest quality of coconut products and no best coconuts to consume in the world." Rooted in this simple yet profound intention, our resolve evolved into a firm commitment to serve. We aspire to be the conduit delivering premium Thai products sourced directly from the finest coconut farms in the world to our esteemed customers.


Over 90 countries and 30 years later, Thai Coco is the leading manufacturer and 2nd largest exporter of coconut products in Thailand.

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