Top 3 Best Vegan Cake Recipes

Top 3 Best Vegan Cake Recipes

Embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn't mean saying goodbye to your favorite indulgences. If you have a sweet tooth and a passion for plant-based living, you're in for a treat! We've scoured the culinary landscape to bring you the crème de la crème of vegan cake recipes. From moist and tender layers to luscious frostings, these creations will satisfy your cravings and leave you craving for more. 

When it comes to making a cake that tastes familiar, it can become quite a grueling process. Vegan ingredients react differently to the baking process than those that are not vegan. 

When eggs are removed from the equation, the cake is more likely to sink. However, this issue can be resolved through trial and error. It's important not to consider the first failure as a loss. Sometimes, the batter may be too thin or the oven may be too hot.
On the other hand, if your cake is not rising, it could be due to the egg replacer you've used or over-mixing the batter. Over-mixing leads to the formation of more gluten, resulting in a dense cake that doesn't rise. But remember, part of baking is discovering what works and what doesn't through personal experience.
Ultimately, the goal is for the cake to taste good, and frosting can greatly enhance the appearance of a sunken cake.
To satisfy your cravings, we have curated three incredible vegan cake recipes for you to try. These recipes are sure to impress and fulfill your desire for delicious treats.

A Vegan Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cakes are so fun and versatile! You can add different fruit toppings or flavor your icing to add some depth to the cake. And this recipe can surely go with anything.

The ingredients for this vegan cake are similar to a non-vegan cake but with soy milk, vegetable oil, and vinegar. The frosting is an irresistible addition to the cake, and this buttery vegan frosting will surely tempt you to devour it all before it even makes it onto the cake.

Vegan Lemon Cake

This delicious yet simple recipe is easy to make quickly. It is a lovely option to have in your fridge as a side to your morning coffee or for an afternoon snack.

The ingredients are simple and probably already in your cupboard. Grab the flour, brown sugar, baking powder, coconut milk, and lemons, and let's start baking!

Moist Vegan Chocolate Coconut Cake

Whether you want to whip up a vegan birthday cake or simply treat your family, this cake is guaranteed to satisfy you!
This recipe does require a few additional ingredients, so you might need to restock your pantry. However, the entire process takes just under an hour to complete - ideal for those surprise guests!

How do you store a Vegan Cake?

The answer is simple: treat a vegan cake the same way you would a non-vegan cake.
To maintain moisture in the cake, wrap it in cling film after it has been cooked and cooled. This will help seal in the moisture and keep the cake fresh for longer. If the cake is frosted, it is best to store it in a box or cover it with a dome.
When storing the cake, freezing is preferable to refrigeration. Freezing creates tiny ice particles in the cake that will melt upon defrosting, preserving its moisture. On the other hand, the circulating air in the fridge can gradually dry out the cake.
If fridge or freezer space is limited, you can simply use cling film to cover the cut sides of the cake.

Read more about how to store your vegan cake here.

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