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Irresistible Buddha Bowl Recipes

Irresistible Buddha Bowl Recipes

Buddha bowls are very popular right now. They are an easy lunch or dinner that you can prepare ahead of time so that you don’t have to think of meals throughout the week. 

But maybe you’ve never heard of a ‘Buddha Bowl’ before and you’re asking yourself:

What is a Buddha Bowl?

Buddha bowls, also known as nourish bowls, are a popular type of vegetarian meal and a ketogenic diet staple. A Buddha bowl is a one-dish meal, typically consisting of cooked grains such as quinoa or brown rice, roasted vegetables, and some sort of protein such as tofu or chickpeas or your choice of meat.

Buddha bowls are easy to customize and can be made with whatever ingredients you have on hand. They’re perfect for busy weeknights when you need a quick and healthy meal or for quick slap-together meals for a lunchbox.

Who invented Buddha Bowls?

There is no evidence pointing to one specific person who came up with the idea of putting specific foods into a bowl, but we know that they have been popular in Asian countries and Hawaii for many years.

The name   “Buddha bowl”  comes from the fact that the ingredients are all piled into one big bowl, making it look like a Buddha’s belly.
Katherine Sacks from Epicurious offers some helpful speculation about the origin of the name.

Why are Buddha bowls so popular?

Why are Buddha bowls so popular?

These bowls are so popular because they are so easy to make, you use minimal dishes for preparation and serving, and they’re so darn tasty with few ingredients. You can literally make a bowl out of any mixture of ingredients you have in your kitchen…not literally…but almost. An added bonus is that they look really good too!

We looked at various Buddha Bowls reviews and found that this recipe is a fan favorite, and we love it too! A Mexican twist to a super healthy meal. 

But one recipe is simply not enough…so we’ve compiled a list of 5 Keto Buddha Bowls so that you can swap out recipes every day of the week.

These recipes are all low-carb, just not entirely carb-free.

Low Carb Vegan Kale and Cabbage Buddha Bowl

Low Carb Vegan Kale and Cabbage Buddha Bowl

Low-carb And vegan? It’s a winner in our books!
This super yummy bowl is packed with green vegetables and protein. 

The oven-baked tofu served with cabbage rice, dressed with an almond butter and soy sauce dressing, gives you that Thai infusion. It’s a light meal and it tastes good!

Cauliflower Buddha Bowl with PB Coconut Dressing


The greatest thing about these bowls is how quick and easy they are to make. This recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare and make. But the star of the show is the peanut sauce!

A creamy coconut peanut sauce that pairs perfectly with carrots and radishes. Perfect for a summer night. 

Keto Buddha Bowl With A Lemon Tahini Dressing

Keto Buddha Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing

This bowl is packed with protein. The sweet potato and lemon tahini dressing are the perfect combination. This feels like a bowl for a cooler night when you want something that will make you feel warm from the inside out.

Salmon and Mango Bowl

This Salmon Buddha bowl is perfect for a quick and healthy meal! 

The salmon is cooked in a skillet with olive oil and then served on top of a bed of quinoa and sugar snap peas. The bowl is topped with delicious mango, sriracha, mayonnaise, and soy sauce.

This bowl is low-carb, keto-friendly, and perfect for a healthy meal any time of day!

Keto Burrito Bowl

Keto Burrito Bowl

A keto burrito bowl is a delicious, filling, and nutritious meal that is perfect for anyone following a ketogenic diet. This dish is made by combining cooked ground beef or turkey with chopped cilantro, quartered tomatoes, diced avocado, and grated cheese. 

The meat and vegetables are then topped with a healthy serving of salsa or guacamole.

It’s still a burrito without a tortilla!

We highly recommend trying one of these Buddha Bowl recipes right now!

P.S. Check our blog often, we share great healthy recipes with you!

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